CH Carlssima's Duce, SCHh3

At Millview, we view dogs differently.

Our goal is to produce healthy, balanced puppies that have confident temperaments and beautiful conformation. We also strive for the proper balance of drives that represent the true nature of the German Shepherd Dog, allowing them to excel in many areas including:

  • Schutzhund/IPO
  • Agility
  • Police Service/Narcotics Detection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Competitive Obedience

and most importantly, as a faithful companion and guardian for your family for years to come.

We carefully choose West German show lines that are health tested and have proven themselves in both the conformation ring and in working trials. Whether you’re looking for a sport prospect or an active, fun-loving addition to the family, a Millview puppy combines the best characteristics of this noble and versatile breed.